kim chong tin hopia sign hopia

kim chong tin hopia sign hopia

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kim chong tin hopia factory sign

Come visit Kim Chong Tin Hopia Factory for our traditional handmade and pugon baked hopia made the old fashioned way.

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About Us


Kim Chong Tin


Kim Chong Tin was started by Ong Phi Pei in the 1920’s. He came to Manila, as a ten year old orphan, by boat to Manila from China with only the clothes on his back and a pair of chopsticks. Penniless, he worked, without pay, in a hopia shop working for room and board only.  Learned, he did and in a few years, he was able to save P200 and was able to buy the rights to the store in Echague, Quiapo (nowadays, it's Carlos Palanca).  And as the saying goes...the rest is history.

His son, Francisco Ong and wife Patricia carried on the business. It was indeed a very successful business. Known for its freshness off the oven and scrumptious taste, at times, there were loyal customers ‘suki’, waiting for the next batches to come out of the oven. And today, Francisco Ong, Jr, is the third generation to run the business, at the same location and yes, same recipe; while other factories add other ingredients to their mongo hopia.

Throughout all these years of high tech equipment and new techniques in the bakery business, Kim Chong Tin has continued to use the traditional brick oven and charcoal, maintaining its quality that has been consistent with the original hopia since inception. There is no short cut used here; still handmade. 


Francisco and Patricia Ong

Francisco and Patricia Ong, circa 1950's